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Cyber Security

The business world today is full of cyber breaches, with cyber hackers bypassing conventional security deployments to steal data and disrupt operations. Which industries have been hit the hardest? The most targeted industries are: retail, auto and transportation, as well as healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Which have experienced the largest increase in attacks? The largest increase in security breaches are occurring in the legal, high tech, servicing and consulting industries. These breaches affect not only the clients of the business but also the business itself as they have to rectify and protect after the breaches. Cyber and privacy policies are the new frontier with protecting the business owner and assisting if there is a data breach. New York City Business Group is there for business clients informing them of the real threat of Cyber issues of today and prepare you for a safer tomorrow.

The link below is from regarding Cyber Security threats to be faced in 2016:

Cyber and privacy policies cover a business’ liability for a data breach - where their customer’s personal information (ie. Social Security or Credit Card Numbers) are exposed or stolen by a computer hacker or other criminal from an electronic network. The coverage also extends to cover the expenses that are associated with data breaches such as: Notification costs, Credit monitoring services, Costs to defend the claim(s) by state regulators, Penalties and Fines and any subsequent loss resulting from identity theft.