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Dental Insurance

The New York City Business Group offers flexible dental plans in PPO & dental discount plans that are easy to implement and practically effortless to manage. Our innovative solutions allow businesses to save on their bottom line while offering their employees many money-saving dental care options.

Types of Dental Plans

HMO – Dental

Typically this option is the least expensive of all dental plans. Dental services are provided by professional dentists who agree to provide specific treatments and services to patients at a discounted price. Every procedure done in the Dentists chair will have set co-pay that a member will be responsible to pay the Dentist. DHMO plans reward participating dentists who keep patients in good health, thereby keeping plan costs low.

PPO – Dental

This option is considered a true dental plan offering $2000 & $3000 annual maximums per person and the “maximum Rollover” option which allows a member to rollover the unused balance to next year annual benefit. This dental option offers members access both in-network and out-of-network dentists across the country. Participating dentists have agreed by contract to reduce their fees and members who seek treatment from dentists outside of the PPO (non-participating dentists) may be responsible for additional co-payments and balance billing.

  • Access to an extensive dental network that today has over, 70,000 dentists.
  • Preventive care is covered in-network at 100% with NO deductible or waiting period.
  • Basic Services are covered at 80% and has NO annual deductible when utilizing in-network benefits for services like stainless steel crowns, root canals and composite (white) filings all done immediately without any waiting period.
  • Major Services are covered and have NO annual deductible when utilizing in-network benefits for services: Bridges, Crowns, Inlays, Onlays and Posts, ask how to waive the initial 12-month waiting period.
  • Ask about our Orthodontics benefits?